Label FAST-Infra : ouvrir la voie au financement durable des infrastructures (en anglais)

In the realm of sustainable infrastructure financing, the FAST-Infra Label represents a substantial stride forward rather than a mere emblem. It signifies concrete positive sustainability performance in projects.


FAST-Infra Lable’s holistic framework diverse between Environmental, Social, Governance, and Adaptation and Resilience dimensions, establishing a robust standard for sustainability. Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and regulatory standards like the EU Taxonomy, it reflects a commitment to practical excellence.

Transparency is a core principle. The label offers a tangible path for market participants, providing third-party validation and mitigating risks in investments, particularly in developing countries. The upcoming Data Repository, operational by late 2024, ensures thorough data scrutiny, reinforcing the commitment to reliable information.

Beyond symbolic gestures, the FAST-Infra Label is actively developing a third-party verification system to independently assess sustainability claims. For developers, this translates to improved risk management and access to finance, while investors benefit from streamlined processes and improved communication.

COP28 will mark the debut of the first projects with the Self-assessed Label in PV and Wind onshore energy sector, a noteworthy step forward. Plans are underway to expand to other sectors from January 2024. As sustainable finance gains traction, FAST-Infra Label emerges as a pragmatic tool to identify truly sustainable assets, unlocking private capital for a more sustainable future.

Join us on this journey as we navigate the intricacies of sustainable finance. Together, let’s turn intentions into tangible actions, shaping a future where sustainability is not just an ideal but a grounded global reality.

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