Les avancées de FAST-Infra Group lors de la COP28 (en anglais)

Almost all sponsors and members involved in the development of the success of FAST infra initiative were present in Dubai for COP 28 ! A spate of events, panels and discussions held from December 1st to 8th provided the opportunity to celebrate the first achievements of this initiative launched by the One planet summit.

The FAST-Infra Group (FIG) team, represented by Francois Bergere, alongside Louis Downing CEO of Global infrastructure Basel Foundation and Nathalie Gaullier, head of project at GIB, announced the first labeled projects on three different occasions:

  • the 3rd of December on the LGMA Pavilion, at the panel moderated by Robert Spencer Global Lead | ESG Advisory at AECOM with F.Bergere as panelist. Aditi Maheshwari introduced the ambitious project of BEST depot in Mumbai, already charging 40 buses with electricity generated by PV panels, with the aim to reach 400 buses in 2024 (see dedicated article).
  • on the 4th of December, there was first a meeting organised by HSBC at the International Chamber of Commerce Pavilion, with Christian Deseglise from HSBC, to which Nathalie Gaullier and F.Bergère participated. During the event, the label was presented, thanks to Marat Zapparov ,CEO from Pentagreen, explaining why he decided to use Fast Infra label on one of the projects financed and its benefits.

On the same day, a panel gathering F.Bergere, Marat Zapparov from Pentagreen, V.Scotti from Swiss Re, Astrid Manroth, CEO from the Global infrastructure facility at the World Bank and Oliver Tan, CEO from Citicore, Philippines came back on the interest of such a Label for the infrastructure projects and introduced the project of Citicore, a PV generation in the Philippines, financed by Pentagreen.

Second, the FIG team met different stakeholders to explain the benefits of being part of the association. F.Bergère took part to a meeting organized by D20-LTIC. Other discussions occurred on the booths of the Energy and finance pavilion, such as with AFD.

On the 6th of December, the panel organized on the French Pavilion was moderated by the president of FAST Infra group and CEO of Meridiam, Thierry Deau, allowed him to introduce the joint declaration of Blue Dot network, represented by Lisa Fitts from the US department of Treasury and FAST Infra Group, having as founding member the French Treasury.

This was a key moment for the association as both initiatives are complementary.

Third, the Fast Infra Platform, represented by Francois Barthelemy, aiming to be launched at the beginning of 2024 was also present, in order to raise funding for its development.

Many discussions took part to introduce this initiative aiming to implement smoothly the different steps of the financing of infrastructures. the first of it taking place the 1st of December at HSBC booth.

Looking forward to meeting you at next COP 29 to announce new achievements!

admin_figLes avancées de FAST-Infra Group lors de la COP28 (en anglais)