Slide A global permanent multi
stakeholders infrastructure
A global permanent multi
stakeholders infrastructure

Three strategic axes

A framework in line with existing standards

In carrying out its missions, FAST-Infra Group follows the guidelines laid down by international institutions and multilateral agreements and tools : 

Thierry Déau

Thierry Déau is Chairman and CEO of Meridiam, which he founded in 2005. Meridiam is an independent investment company specializing in the development, financing and management of long-term, sustainable infrastructure projects.

Meridiam was created with the strong vision that aligning the interests of the public and private sectors can provide critical solutions to the collective needs of communities. With over $20 billion in assets under management, the company currently has more than 120 projects under development, construction or operation.

General Manager
François Bergère

François BERGERE has long and varied professional experience in the fields of public management and project and infrastructure financing.

He has worked as a senior auditor at the French Supreme Audit Institution, managing multinational infrastructure equity funds. He was also assigned to the French Ministry of Finance to set up and manage the PPP task force, before joining the World Bank in 2014 as program manager for the PPIAF (Public-Private Investment Advisory Facility). He is also Executive Director of the LongTerm Infrastructure Investors Association (LTIIA).

Over time, the FAST-Infra initiative has expanded the list of players involved to include a community of more than 80 public and private institutions, all of which are set to become full members.

Its steering group currently comprises :

  • Rashad Kaldany, Blue Like an Orange Capital
  • Alexandra Basirov, BNP Paribas
  • Barbara Buchner, CPI
  • Vikram Widge, CPI
  • Towfiqua Hoque, GIF (Banque mondiale)
  • Christian Deseglise, HSBC
  • Michael Ridley, MSCI
  • Vivek Pathak, IFC
  • Fuat Savas, JP Morgan
  • Robin Grenfell, Macquarie
  • Rudi Lang, Mazars
  • Thierry Deau, Meridiam (Président de FIG)
  • Hayden Morgan, Morgan Green Advisory
  • Brett Orlando, Net Zero Capital Advisory Ltd
  • Robert Youngman, OCDE
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