FAST-Infra Group on the front page at the 8th Istanbul Public Private Partnership Week

The 8th Istanbul Public Private Partnership (PPP) Week, held from March 4th to 7th 2024, focused on greener PPPs for global growth. This theme provided FAST-Infra Group representatives, Francois Bergère (CEO) and Thierry Deau (Chairman), with the opportunity to reach out to a global, mostly public sector audience, and disseminate the FAST-Infra Label latest developments. Here’s a closer look at the highlights.

Global Convergence

With over 160 participants hailing from 51 countries, and representation from 32 PPP units as well as several MDBs (multilateral development banks), the event allowed public sector policymakers and regulators to mingle and exchange with experts and consultants. Emerging Markets and Developing Economies (EMDEs) were well-represented, underlining the relevance of PPPs in addressing their infrastructure needs.

Sustainable Development at the Forefront

A specific session dedicated to “Quality infrastructure standards for sustainable development” provided a platform for exchanges between FAST-Infra Group, OECD, UNECE (The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe), and Source, generating much interest from the audience. Follow-up steps are now scheduled with those organizations to further explore complementarities and synergies.

FAST-Infra’s call to the market

FAST-Infra was granted a dedicated information session, providing participants with a deeper dive into our approach and methodologies. Furthermore, Thierry Deau and François Bergère were honored to receive the “Special Prize of the Infra PPP week”, a testimony to the collective efforts of our team in advancing the cause of sustainable infrastructure development.


SevanFAST-Infra Group on the front page at the 8th Istanbul Public Private Partnership Week