FAST-Infra Group takes part in the 8th PPP Week in Istanbul

FAST-Infra is co-sponsoring and actively participating in the 8th Istanbul PPP Week, which takes place from March 5 to 8, 2024 and is organized by the Istanbul PPP Center of Excellence with the support of various multilateral development banks (MDBs). Under the theme “PPP: Global Greener Growthful”, the event brings together multiple stakeholders from the sector.

In attendance will be public-private partnership (PPP) academics/experts, senior private sector representatives, decision-makers from public procurement entities around the world, MDBs and key players in the field of infrastructure PPPs. The event also includes training programs, interactive workshops and presentations of PPP projects from invited countries. The focus this year will be on UN SDG, sustainability, innovative financing methods, climate resilience, disaster risk management, future proof cities…

This will  be the opportunity  to  disseminate our message to a broader audience  hailing   from  South-eastern Europe, the Caucasus, the Middle east, Gulf and central Asia as well. Thierry Deau, Chair FIG , will  take part  in the high-level session on “Paradigm shift  in Infrastructure -a new deal for the future”, while Francois Bergere, FIG CEO will  participate in 3 sessions, including  a panel  on “Quality infrastructure standards for sustainable development and Climate finance”, together with representatives of SIF-Source, GIB, UNECE and OECD. A parallel information session on FAST-Infra is also scheduled on March 7th.


admin_figFAST-Infra Group takes part in the 8th PPP Week in Istanbul