FAST-Infra Platform : scaling and industrialising the infrastructure project lifecycle

The FAST-Infra Platform aims to support all stakeholders in the origination, development, financing re-financing and deployment of sustainable infrastructure programs. It will address the needs of the sustainable infrastructure investors and lenders, and help project developers to find the right partners.

Infrastructure projects do not only need to be sustainable; they need to make economic sense, requiring a complex project risk analysis, management, and mitigation. This analysis is itself dependent on a large volume of verified technical, legal and financial data currently available for large projects only.

The Fast Infra Platform will aggregate data coming from project developpers, “Source” and other data platforms, but also from FAST-Infra Label. It will enable banks to reduce risk by selling on exposure and provide clients with provable and tracked information. The core functionalities will facilitate transaction, create liquidity, thus enabling to scale and industrialise the whole infrastructure lifecycle.

FIP will synergise a global user community procuring authorities developers, verifiers, and financiers across the sustainable infrastructure lifecycle by:

  • allowing them to cooperate, transact and manage their project data in trust across a sustainable infrastructure lifecycle
  • mobilising third-party technologies and innovation to leverage such data at project and aggregated levels. It aims at becoming the  “Market infrastructure for the Infrastructure market”.

FAST-Infra Group is incubating and developing FIP as a stand-alone, for-profit entity. The plaform is currently engaged in a 10 millions USD fundraising. This investment will enable to launch it early next year.

SevanFAST-Infra Platform : scaling and industrialising the infrastructure project lifecycle