Year 2024 : works in progress!

COP 28 was a very intense time for FAST-Infra Group. FIG had the opportunity to introduce the FAST-Infra Label first self-assessed projects alongside the Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation and some of the project developers and promoters, such as Pentagreen and Citicore!

FAST-Infra Group also signed an agreement with the Blue Dot Network to work towards interoperability for the Label, in presence of the representative of the US Secretary of State and the President of FAST-Infra group. These two steps marked the end of 2023.

The year 2024 begins with workshops and seminars destined to continue our path on this demanding journey.

At mid-January, a workshop took place in Paris with the representatives from Bloomberg and GIB. It was a pleasure to discuss with Liz Rich and her team, Vicky Vouleli and Peter Weston as well as with Louis Downing, Chengchen Qian and Roger Cruz.

FAST-Infra Group assigned to Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation, as the designated Label office manager, the duty to operationalize and roll-out the label for sustainable infrastructures. Today, five projects are already self-assessed and obtained a temporary certification. The second step is a certification done by the experts which are and will be trained by the FAST-Infra Label manager. The certification will then be obtained for three years.

From its side, Bloomberg L.P. is also supporting FAST-Infra group initiative to develop the label by developing a data repository to collect, process and curate information related to the projects and their status vis-à-vis the Label, which will be useful to get a macro view of sustainable projects funded and built globally.

The workshop meeting was the opportunity to present the data repository to FIG, its progress report so far and next steps.

On the same day, FIG has had his sponsors meeting to validate strategic orientations, decide next steps for the collaboration with its partners, and set a date for the next General Assembly and corresponding election of the Board.

admin_figYear 2024 : works in progress!